Category: Exploration

A California Birthday

We’d been planning the trip for months – I booked our flights and hotel around April of this year, and we travelled (as usual) with an eye for determining whether San Diego could be home for us.

The Sweetest Tour On Earth

I grabbed my favorite camera, crossed my fingers that the film inside was still good, and tossed it in the back seat for the long drive down to Hershey.

Local Tourism

Bellefonte is a great jumping-off point to do some exploring of the State College area.

Hiking the Roaring Creek Trail

Along a series of three reservoirs in central Pennsylvania is a beautiful, well-maintained hiking trail.


In 1962, somebody messed up, and the ground beneath the town has been burning ever since.

The Abandoned Highway

Some portions of the turnpike were widened, but this section was left to nature.